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Properties: Freaky Flipsters

In Partnership with Bejuba Entertainment to
Develop and Produce 26 Half-Hours.

Bejuba Entertainment

Imagine a creature who’s two creatures—one who looks maniacally evil and the other who looks happy and friendly—all existing in one body. And to change the creature’s personality all you have to do is flip them upside down. That’s the topsy-turvy, unpredictable world of the Freaky Flipsters! But it’s no easy task getting these clever creatures to stay still long enough to make them flip. It requires amazing intergalactic skills and dexterity.

Freaky Flipsters art

Join in and you can help Wiz and his friends overcome the evil Zaz. Solve physics-based challenges by firing orbs of positive energy at Wiz's Flipster friends or battle bosses to collect Flipsters of your very own.

These colorful, quirky characters, created by award-winning artist David Quentin Sheldon, will engage players of all ages. 

The Freaky Flipsters are a co-venture between artist Sheldon, Vapssky Technologies and SupperTime Entertainment.

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