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In development as an animated series with
Spider Eye animation for 26 half hours.

"Tis forever night in Londinium these days,
The work of Mephisto and his bungling ways,
There's vampires that nibble, and ogres that dribble,
And ghosts that both scare and amaze."

Created by UK artist Peter Smith and his wife Jayne, the IMPOSSIMAL characters have been sold via posters, sculptures, calendars and greeting cards generating over £28.5 million in retail sales. Considered one of the UK’s most popular and collected living artists, Peter has had his work collected by a long list of music and theatrical celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker.

Summary: A young American boy moves to London with his family and accidentally becomes Keeper Of The Runcible Spoon, a key to another dimension where impossibility is everydayness. This is Sherlock Holmes & 60’s camp Batman meets Lewis Caroll & Harry Potter, in a world where you unexpect the expected.

About Spider Eye: Based in the UK, Spider Eye has been producing 2D traditional, digital and CGI animation for TV and film for over 17 years. Its own series, "Jungle Junction," is into a second season on Disney Jr, and in 2013 the company completed its first theatrical feature “Moshi Monsters” for an exclusive UK launch. To learn more about Spider Eye, go to www.spider-eye.com


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